Irtion activity basis are sustainability and environmental protection.

The division is committed to the sustainability in the development of its technological solutions which feature:

Reduction of Carbon footprint

The use of Irtion reduces energy consumption, which means a smaller carbon footprint. Furthermore, this technology does not generate waste and uses primary energy sources such as electricity or natural gas.

Recovery of volatile compounds

Irtion’s capability to recover volatile compounds generated during the process enables the level of VOCs discharged into the atmosphere to be reduced, with full recovery as usable co-products.

High energy efficiency

Irtion heating technology – using infrared radiation – transmits heat more directly, less aggressively and to a deeper level than with the classic convective or conductive method. In addition, drying using this technology reduces energy requirements by 60% compared with the usual drying method by convection. Moreover, granulating with Irtion requires 75% energy less than extrusion.

Flexibility, versatility and compactness.

Irtion allows the dried end product’s physical form to be selected with an extensive variety of possible formulations. In addition, drying, mixing, granulating and coating operations are integrated in a single compact machine, taking up less space.

Use of high mineral content products.

Irtion technology increases the percentage of mineral fillers within the compounds to levels that were not possible with others available technologies.