Ciclic manufactures its industrial compounds by adapting the compounds to high quality and sustainability standards.  Respect for the environment is one of the basic values that applies to our research and development of plastic compounds.


Ciclic analyses the life cycle of its products which are 100% recyclable, and regulated by the ISO 14040 and 14044 Standards.


The carbon footprint for the entire product range is certified under the PAS 2050:2011 Standard. The results of which is that the carbon footprint for Ciclic is between 60% and 70% lower than conventional polymers, making it a more sustainable raw material.

Innovation for Ciclic products is focussed on the proper selection of raw materials and their homogenous production process with low energy consumption enabling the attainment of a final product with the best properties for each use. The main objective has always been to obtain certificates for the lowest possible environmental impact and to make Ciclic a sustainable solution for the plastics industry.