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Stronger, thinner garbage films using Granic1522 masterbatch

Stronger, thinner garbage films using Granic1522 masterbatch


Granic, a leader in the production of plastic concentrates with mineral fillers, has developed a new high performance masterbatch using Vistamaxx performance polymers from ExxonMobil Chemical. The new Granic1522 masterbatch uses Vistamaxx polymers as a carrier resin for calcium carbonate (CaCO3) to deliver significant performance and processing benefits. 


High filler loading

ExxonMobil Chemical demonstrated that by using a Vistamaxx polymers based CaCO3 masterbatch in film formulations instead of a typical linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) or polypropylene (PP) - based masterbatch, mineral filler loadings could be increased without sacrificing key mechanical properties. Also highlighted were the benefits for end use applications, such as high density polyethylene (HDPE) shopper bags, HDPE garbage bags and PP raffia (slit) tape and bags. These benefits include increasing the concentration of recycled material, making the bags thinner, or improving performance, such as dart impact resistance. 

With such a strong value proposition for customers, Granic developed a new high-performance masterbatch, Granic1522, which uses Vistamaxx polymers as a carrier resin. "Granic1522 masterbatch has significant benefits. Using Vistamaxx as a carrier resin in the masterbatch enables increased productivity, reduced energy consumption and improved mechanical properties", said Victor Oliva, Commercial Director and R&D Manager of GCR Group. 


Successful sales

Since its introduction, Granic1522 masterbatch has been well accepted in the market place and the company has been successful in generating new sales. One customer, a leading producer of polyethylene (PE) packaging materials for the converting industry, is producing stronger, thinner garbage bag films by adding Granic1522 to its existing HDPE resin formulation. The new masterbatch also delivers better processing and lower costs.

Adding Granic1522 masterbatch to the existing HDPE resin formulation delivers the following key advantages:


- Enhanced dart impact despite thinner film structure

- Improved thickness tolerance for better processing and less material use

- Cost saving opportunities  


The commercial garbage bag film produced by this customer which includes 20% Granic1522, exhibits twice the impact resistance and it is 16% thinner than the original film. 


Better processing

As well as performance improvements, the thickness tolerance of the film is improved. A more consistent film thickness leads to better, smoother processing that requires less adjustments.

The company also benefits from significantly lower costs because, optimizing the formulation using Granic1522 masterbatch, uses less material through thinner films."Our customer is delighted with the new film formulation as it provides a stronger, thinner film with better overall garbage bag performance for consumers", said Oliva. "It is an innovative solution that aligns with their wish to become a market leader in certain defined market segments". 


Market potential

"We are very excited about the market potential for Granic1522 and are targeting key applications", said Oliva. "These include shopper and garbage bags, raffia tapes and bags, and thermoforming/blow moulding where increased filler loadings and improved toughness can make a big difference to customers". 

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