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Full Replacement of Virgin Polymer in a Black & White Film with GCR Group's Products

As for sure you know, GCR Group is welcoming you in the K-Show 2019 with a booth located in the Hall 8a K27. To make it easy: find us just next to our partner Dow Chemicals.


One of the main projects we will show you there, is a recent collaboration with our also top class partner, Blu Plast. This company located in Naples (Italy) is one of the main polyethylene film producers in Italy, and so in Europe. With a wide portfolio of industrial and hygiene solutions, we have been working together in the improvement of the usage of mineral masterbatches and high quality recycled materials.


Coming out from this tight collaboration we developed a solution for Black&White films. In this case applied to courier bags. Come to our booth to pick a sample of this stunning project!


Look what we did: We replaced all the virgin polymer in the formula by Ciclic and Granic products, delivering a courier bag totally produced with recycled plastic and mineral.


Following find the highlights of this project:


  • - No odor or impurities coming from the usage of dirty sources
  • - Clear cost reduction as a consequence of the nature of the raw materials
  • - No mechanical properties setbacks, the new bag it’s still perfectly inside the previous Blu Plast commercial specifications
  • - No setbacks in the sealing properties and quality of the sealing as well
  • - CO2 emissions reduced by an incredible 92%!
  • - We can deliver this solution with or without PCR certified materials


Altogether, this is a clear step forward for an application that historically was always produced only with virgin materials.


At GCR Group we study, learn and spread the knowledge with and among our partners to upgrade our world to a more sustainable and smarter level.


Join us, share with us, work with us!