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GCR Group’s solutions for Hygienic Film Applications!

GCR Group’s solutions for Hygienic Film Applications!


If you are a mom or a dad, maybe we already got inside your home and you did not realize it… But if you are a polyethylene film producer, trying to be successful in hygiene applications like baby diapers, adult incontinence, bed pads… you are the one this article was written for! Bear with us; everything you will read in this article will be new for you. But if GCR Group’s value proposition sounds good to you, remember that we can easily get to know each other: write us (info@gcrgroup.es) or call us (+34977166950)


At GCR Group, we know that, in an almost non-changing industry, the biggest challenge as a supplier is to be and to remain aligned with your needs. We know that for you and your customers, the most important thing is to maximize the yield, without stopping your lines to clean, reformulate or change ingredients!


Inside our portfolio of mineral masterbatches for hygienic film applications, you will find the latest Granic solutions, ready to deliver your required standards in main fields like natural whiteness, soft touch, noise reduction, mechanical properties, hot melt glue stability, low shrinkage, the right breathability and, of course, avoiding optical imperfections like gels or agglomerates. Our products are conceived by first class technologies, like Hosokawa Alpine, W&H or SML.


Our customers are using our commercial grades or tailored solutions for both breathable films and low or non-breathable films, and brand owners like P&G, KC, Ontex or Essity are already enjoying the advantages our products offer.

Thanks also to our GCR Tech Center and its excellent team of technicians, we constantly develop new ideas for the industry. Moreover, our logistic and production capabilities allow us to deliver our materials in more than 120 countries around the globe, packed or in bulk conditions, and in huge quantities.


If you feel that your company is ready to start a partnership with a global, dynamic, young and qualified company, we are waiting for you! Let us know about your needs and we will put the best of ourselves in your project.


Go #Granic, Go GCR Group!