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IR Active Additives for Greenhouses


Greenhouses are one of the most important applications for plastics in the agricultural industry. The plastic film used for these structures requires specific properties to grant an optimal functionality. One of these properties is thermicity: the ability of the film to retain the heat during the night, when temperatures decrease. Higher thermicity is achieved by increasing the infrared radiation absorbance/reflectance of the film.


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Thanks to this feature, greenhouses deliver big advantages such as faster crop development, earlier harvests, higher yield, and up to 20% energy saving for heated greenhouses.


Only a few materials are able to modify the thermal properties of LDPE, the most known being some minerals and EVA/EBA. This second option, provides high transparency; However, due to their tackiness, these copolymers are more susceptible to accumulate dust on the film surface, which brings along a loss of the light transmission.


Granic has been working for the last few years in developing an additive for high performance thermal film, able to ensure excellent thermicity, transparency and controlled light diffusion.


Granic’s IR additive is based on a low metal content special mineral to sustain the performance of the UV additives and to ensure longer durability.

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