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K2019 Preview:  Samples to be Showcased at GCR GROUP's Booth

K2019 Preview: Samples to be Showcased at GCR GROUP's Booth


BOPP products. Granic will allow the BOPP producers and the end users to reduce the amount of PP in the films, and also to reach a substantial use reduction of TiO2 pigment (depending on the targeted opacity and density).

Two different samples area available at our Stand: two different formulations and different densities. These samples have been made at the most know BOPP’s machinery manufacturer: Brückner.

Granic has been listed as an “IN USE” grade in the Brückner raw material product list.



KIVO – GCR group collaboration: Recycled based products delivering virgin performance.

We are bringing into the market a soil bag made of 80% EuCertPlast certified PCR. In a joint effort, KIVO and CICLIC have designed a recycled-based solution for the 60 microns soil bags market.

Despite adding Ciclic at 80% in the 3-layer film, it is still possible to maintain the demanding mechanical and sealing properties required to withstand a 20 Liter bag. Furthermore, due to the low carbon footprint of the raw material, we achieve an 88 % savings of CO2 emissions.



Heat stable PET foamed cup. SML, Kiefel, GRANIC and Promix, joined forces to developed a new type of Hot Fill Cups. They are made from 3-layer PET sheets, where the center layer is physically foamed while the outside layers remain rigid. Granic has been used as a nucleating agent delivering an optimum performance of cell size and thermal properties. The final density of the cup is 0,65g/cm3. Come to our stand and have a coffee using our innovative cup.



Non woven. Granic is already used at important loading rates for demanding applications such as woven non woven. At the K fair we will be showcasing a 15gsm spunbound fabric at 14% Granic. The fabric has been made using a Reicofill 4S at the STFI, Germany. Important benefits are achieved through this innovative solution apart from important cost saving for producers and converters.