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New CICLIC certified Post-Consumer Recycled products, listening to those in need to communicate green, but also to those in need of reassurance.


Plastics recycling is in the spotlight. While European plastics industry growth rates are close to flat, the business around plastic recycling is living its heyday. Brands and OEM’s are trying to capture the marketing and communication value of using Post-Consumer Recycled materials (PCR) in their end-products. 


However, the rising demand of final customers is too often confronted by the a lot less enthusiastic stance of plastic transformers.


Even though it is changing fast, the plastic recycling sector remains today rather unregulated and unstandardized. Especially small and medium sized plastic transformers face confusing or conflicting information on the origin, the quality and the processability of the material their customers ask them to use; it is difficult for them to separate the wheat from the chaff.


To enter new applications and increase the recycled content dosages, plastic recyclers need to defeat their customers’ default reluctance, and to gain their trust by embracing quality and standardizing the plastic recycling process.  


CICLIC’s new line of PCR grades come certified by EuCertPlast, which means that the transparency and traceability of the materials in the supply chain has been assessed, as well as the compliance of the recycling process according to the best practices.


Moreover, CICLIC’s new PCR grades succeed at maintaining the GCR Group’s trademark high quality and excellent processability, which makes them the optimal PCR recycled product for virgin polymer replacement.